Type of disability: All

111292 Statens Havarikommisjon for transport, Lillestrøm

  • Sophie Radichsvei 17
  • 2003
  • Lillestrøm
  • Building name: Havarikommisjonen HOVEDBYGNING
  • The Norwegian Accident Investigation Board for Transport is a building of one floor. The main entrance is level and without steps, and well marked. The building contains a workshop, meeting room, canteen, offices and two accessible toilets. The layout is open and transparent, and the building is easily navigated for persons with movement impairment. There is car parking near the entrance, but there are no marked/signed accessible parking spaces.

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Destination Type
Felles uteplass / atriumshage Outdoor stay area
HC-toalett, BTR1 Bathroom and toilet
HC-toalett BTR2 Bathroom and toilet
HCWC (BTR3) Bathroom and toilet
Heimdal Møterom Room
Kantine BTR2 Cafeteria, conference room
Kontor 1 Room
Kontor 1.1.020 Room
Møterom Glasshuset, BTR2 Room
Resepsjon Reception